On behalf of all the Euro Fishing Association members and the South Coast Mighty Bonanza Committee (SCMB Committee) the President of the Euro Fishing Association (EFA) welcomes you to the Eurobodalla and this fine event. We hope your weekend with us will be one of enjoyment, great fishing and value for money.

We welcome Trussworx Moruya and South Coast Superior Decks as our Major local cash sponsors and Compleat Angler Batemans Bay, Shimano Australia, Rapala Australia and Garmin Australia as our Major Fishing Industry Sponsors. We look forward to many more years of their invaluable support, without their donations the EFA could not conduct events like the SCMB for the public. Our competition endeavours to be progressive and promote sustainable recreational fishing.

One way that you our treasured competitors can ensure many years of continued recreational events is to support the EFA’s loyal sponsors. Year after year they provide great support with their goods and services. Please take time to note all our sponsors, meet them if possible and visit/purchase their goods at every opportunity.


Euro Fishing Association Inc and the South Coast Mighty Bonanza Committee.


Foreshore Batemans Bay, Clyde Street (Between Innes Boat Shed and the T-Wharf)


Visit and follow the directions to install the Film Fish app on your phone to register and participate.


12.01 am Saturday, 13th April 2019 – 12pm noon Sunday, 14th April 2019.


Senior – $50

Junior – $15

Family Entries – Any two Seniors and three Juniors – $120.00


  • The first 150 Juniors or Sub-Juniors registered with at least one Senior will receive 1x Garmin fishing shirt, 1x Shimano or Rapala hat and 1x face buff with a total RRP value of $110.00. Any other Juniors unfortunately miss out so please register early so you don’t miss out. We will try to have other junior products available on standby if they miss out.
  • Garmin shirts, Shimano hats, Face Buffs and competition bags for the Juniors will be issued on the Saturday


Saturday 13th April 2019 Fishing commences at 12:01 am.

From 1:30pm, Day 1 SHIMANO REEF SCIENCE SHOW and allocated giveaways to be award at event location.

You must be present to receive giveaways. Food and beverages available at shops adjacent to event location. Please read carefully competition rules relating to fishing times in detail.

Sunday 14th April 2019 Fishing continues.

12pm noon fishing finishes. 12:30pm, Day 2 SHIMANO REEF SCIENCE SHOW. From 1:30pm Presentation begins at event location.

Order of presentation:

  1. Angler Species Sub-Juniors prizes allocated
  2. Angler Species Junior prizes allocated
  3. Angler Species Senior prizes allocated
  4. ANSA divisions prizes allocated
  5. Raffle prizes awarded
  6. All Champions prizes allocated
  7. Final words from various representatives


The SCMB committee reserves the right to adjudicate as is and if necessary in the event of ANY dispute or breach of rules by a competitor or participating club. The SCMB committee also has the right to excise discretion to suspend or cancel any section of the competition in the interests of the EFA or competitor’s safety due to inclement weather.

The decision of the SCMB committee is final. Any protest must be made in writing and handed to the competition SCMB committee by midnight of that particular day except on the last day when they must be handed in by (time) and within at least 30 minutes of the result being declared. A minimum of two SCMB committee members constitutes a quorum to adjudicate any decision.


All competitors are required to observe courtesy and etiquette always to fellow competitors and the general public. The SCMB committee will not hesitate to call upon the services of security or the police if the committee deems it necessary. If the SCMB committee deems any competitor or attendee not complying with CONDUCT requirements they will have their entry revoked and asked to leave. If further complications arise from revoked and/or ejected competitors/attendees the authorities WILL be contacted.


In the unlikely event, the SCMB committee and the EFA Executives reserves the right to deny entry to any person to the 2019 SCMB without notifying of reason. The SCMB committee and EFA Executives reserves the right to refuse entry to the 2019 SCMB to any person that has a history of disrupting the harmony and prosperity of the other competitors and the EFA.


The SCMB and EFA committees reserves the right to assess the request of any refund. A full refund of entry fees to the 2019 SCMB will be available up until 11:00pm 7th of April 2019 pending the SCMB and EFA committee’s decisions. Examples of reasons for refund that the SCMB or EFA committees would consider would be a family crisis, medical crisis or natural disasters. Refunds due to inclement weather conditions during the competition period will be denied. Requests for refunds will be denied after the 7th of April 2019 at 8:00pm. Refunds with not be processed until the 21st of April 2018.


NOTE: Rules are subject to change without notice. Every effort will be made to not deviate from printed rules.

  1. All competitors must pay the entry fee, and as with any recreational fishing, must comply with RMS NSW Maritime, NSW DPI Fisheries, NSW Marine Parks and NSW Marine Estate Management Authority regulatory requirements.
  2. All forms of recreational fishing are permitted from bait to lure or fly. You are permitted to fish from Boats, Kayaks, Land or Beach, basically anywhere is available to fish that has public access.
  3. This is a length based competition. You require a brag or catch & release mat and a mobile phone capable of taking clear and definable photographs in order to take a picture of your catch on the mat.
  5. You can submit as many fish as you like, per eligible species, per person, per day. It is advised that you enter every fish you catch no matter the size, so your total points will accrue to your advantage. Remember to observe NSW Fisheries legal sizes.
  6. Fishing time to start at 12:01am Saturday the 13th of April 2019 to 12pm noon Sunday the 14th April 2019.
  7. The fishing area extends north to Bendalong Point (35o14’52.00”S) and South to Bermagui (36o26’00.00”S). No limit to the East or West. Please note, the Batemans Bay Marine Park has Sanctuary Zones within the park. It is illegal to fish within these sanctuary zones. Please visit the following website address for further details on sanctuary zones. or download a copy of NSW FishSmart app to your phone.
  8. All boats will be required to use launching facilities within the designated boundaries, except where entry bars, seaways are declared dangerous by the SCMB committee in which case the SCMB committee reserves the right to nominate alternative facilities.
  9. Age categories for entry purposes of Angling are SUB-JUNIOR 0 to 9, JUNIORS 10 to 16 and ADULTS 17 +.
  10. All fish must be caught by hook, within the competition time and fishing area. Pictures of mutilated fish will be disqualified.
  11. For the competition, the length of fish is calculated on the TOTAL LENGTH of the fish, not the fork length.
  12. Any fish not meeting NSW DPI FISHERIES minimum sizes will disqualify any person’s total days catch.
  13. The highest total points catch champion prizes are calculated by using the Burke/Moran/Lewis formula.
  14. The species prizes are awarded to the longest individual fish over the two days. There are first, second and third prizes for each specie. If a tie, cash and tangible prizes will be shared.
  15. The Champion ANSA club will be awarded using the Burke/Moran/Lewis formula. With the combined top 5 anglers of each club used to calculate each club’s points. Highest points win.
  16. The ANSA species divisions available within the South Coast Mighty Bonanza Fishing Competition are;
    1. Length only Mulloway
    2. Length only Morwong
    3. Length only Salmon
    4. Length only Snapper
    5. Length only Bream
    6. Largest Length Only (Catch & Release) Flathead.
  17. The winning school will be awarded using the Burke/Moran/Lewis formula. With the combined top 10 students of each school used to calculate each school’s points. Highest points win.

The Burke/Moran/Lewis formula
The BML system works in the following way. Points per fish = Actual Length / Trophy Length x 100. ANSA and
EFA Trophy lengths can be found on the eligible species list.
Example: 55cm Actual Snapper length ÷ 70cm Trophy Snapper length x 100.
55 ÷ 70 x 100 = 78.57 BML points.
National Trophy Lengths for the SCMB:
Snapper 70cm, Bream 40cm, Whiting 45cm ,Pigfish 40cm, Morwong 50cm, Salmon 55cm, Trevally 50cm, Nannygai 40cm, Flathead 70cm, Luderick 40cm, Kingfish 100cm, Tailor 60cm, Black Drummer 50cm, Mulloway 100cm.


A briefing for competitors, regarding rules, weather conditions and any restrictions on events due to inclement weather will be broadcast on the South Coast Mighty Bonanza Facebook page in the format of a short video at 7pm the Friday night before the competition.


All competitors must comply with NSW boating legislation regarding safety equipment, registration and licensing, safe operation and speed limits. Refer NSW RMS Maritime . As the competition will include open water, competitors will need to fully acquaint themselves with bar and sea conditions and make their own decisions as to whether to attempt bar crossings and proceed to sea. If the SCMB committee deem weather conditions unsuitable the committee reserves the right to cancel any part of the competition in whole or part, this will be announced via Facebook and on the website. It is up to the competitors to monitor this website to see if venues are open and closed as weather allows.


All boats must comply with safety requirements as laid down by NSW Maritime. Any boat not complying with these regulations will risk disqualification. The SCMB Committee reserves the right to inspect any boat to ensure compliance. Ensure you have sufficient approved lifejackets for all aboard the boat and everyone on board knows where they are located and how and when to use them. A lifejacket can be the difference between survival and disaster in a boating accident. Anglers are required by law to wear a lifejacket when directed by the master of the vessel, or in the following situations:

Boats less than 4.8m:

At all times by anyone under the age of 12;

On open (coastal) waters including when crossing a coastal bar;

When boating alone or at night, or on alpine waters, or when being towed.

Boats 4.8 – 8.0m:

  • When crossing a coastal bar;
  • When being towed;
  • When wearing waders on alpine waters;
  • If under age of 12, when in an open area of a vessel when underway.
  • Boats greater than 8.0m:
  • When being towed;
  • When crossing a coastal bar.
  • Canoes and kayaks:
  • On enclosed waters more than 100m from shore;
  • On open (coastal) waters, including when crossing a coastal bar.

Further information on lifejacket laws can be found at

Alcohol and boating don’t mix. The blood alcohol limit on the water is the same as on the roads 0.05% – be mindful the combined impact of wind, sun and wave action multiply the effect of alcohol. Your chances of disorientation and drowning are increased – this applies to everyone, the skipper, crew and passengers.

Always check the weather (Weather Info’ line 1900 937107) and log your boat on and off with the local Coast Guard or Coastal Patrol base. Keep your radio alert for weather changes or warnings. Do not hesitate to seek assistance if you need it. Do not rely solely on a mobile phone for help as the range of most mobile phones is limited at sea.

Most boating accidents involve recreational craft of less than 6 meters. It is important you know the wind and wave limits of your boat and don’t take chances in conditions you might not be able to handle. If you do capsize, stay with the boat and your chances of rescue are improved.


Rock Fishing can be dangerous. Competitors fishing the rocks and beach should observe the following basic rules – Never fish by yourself. Fish in a group of at least 3 people and within sight of each other. Inform others of your plans – always let family or friends know where you are going and when you will be back. If some one is washed in, one person should ideally stay and help while the other alerts emergency services. Dial 000 or 112 on mobile to access emergency services.

Wear the right gear. Light clothing such as shorts and a spray jacket or a wet suit will let you swim more easily if you are washed in. Jumpers can be heavy and difficult to take off in the water. Wear sandals and sandshoes with non-slip soles or with cleats to suit the rock surface. Wear a lifejacket or buoyancy vest and bring something buoyant that can be easily thrown and held onto to help stay afloat. Carry ropes and torches.

Observe first- fish later. Spend some time watching your intended spot to get an idea of the conditions over a full swell/wave cycle. Know the tides as wave conditions can worsen with a rising tide. Plan an escape route in case you are washed in. Stay calm if you are washed in – swim away from the rocks and look for a safe place to come ashore or stay afloat until help comes. Stay alert – never turn your back on the sea. If waves, weather or swell threaten your fishing spot then leave immediately.

Avoid fishing in exposed locations during rough or rising seas. Make sure you are aware of local weather, swell and tidal conditions before going fishing. Call the Weather Infoline on 1900 937107. Be aware that conditions can and do change dramatically and quickly.


Marine Rescues Batemans Bay, Ulladulla and Narooma can be contacted on the following forms of communication:

27 MHz radio, channel 88

VHF Radio, channel 16


Batemans Bay Unit – 4472 3060

Ulladulla Unit – 4455 3403

Narooma Unit – 4476 1443

Emergency Phone – 000


The Euro Fishing Association Inc and ANSA NSW Branch will not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage of any kind. It will be the responsibility of each skipper, crew and entrant whether or not to start or continue the competition. Competitors enter entirely at their own risk.


Food and beverages can be purchased from any of the shops adjacent to the event venue.


The SCMB committee will endeavour to keep the prize pool as advertised, however sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances prizes may need to be substituted for another item. ANY prize, either CASH or tangible item that is NOT WON will remain the property of the EFA and will be used for future public events and junior events. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE, IF YOU ARE NOT PRESENT ON THE DAY OF AWARDING THE PRIZES YOUR PRIZE WILL REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE EURO FISHING ASSOCIATION. ANOTHER PERSON MAY CLAIM YOUR PRIZE FOR YOU IF YOU NOTIFY THE SCMB DIRECTOR BY SMS TEXT MESSAGE ON 0418570131. YOU MUST PRODUCE PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION TO PROVE YOUR INDENTITY IF ASKED.


All competitors must comply with rules and regulations laid down or in force during the Competition by the EFA or SCMB or by any Government body or authority. Any fish captured during the competition cannot be sold and must comply with all recreational size and bag limits. The EFA advises all competitors to obtain a copy of the current NSW Fisheries Saltwater recreational fishing guide or install the NSW FishSmart smart phone app to stay well informed on government rules and regulations relating to recreational fishing.


The dumping of fish will not be accepted as a sustainable practice encouraged by the SCMB Committee. Ensure fish that are to be presented are in a “fit for consumption” manner and are utilised as a human food source after measuring.

SCMB Committee

  1. Adam Martin (SCMB Director) 0418570131
  2. Anthony Stokman (SCMB) 0427727340
  3. Stan Konstantaras (ANSA) 0407131714
  4. Joe Garufi (ANSA) 0417491868